Neuro Emotional Technique(Net)

Neuro Emotional Technique(Net)

The Neuro Emotional Technique(NET) is not talk therapy, but a holistic mind body approach. The technique blends psychology, chiropractic, acupuncture, applied kinesthesiology, and traditional medical science to identify emotional stress patterns in the body and help both the mind and body heal at a faster pace than traditional talk therapy.

How does NET work? NET uses muscle testing to determine where stuck emotions are located. Typically, this is done with the arm. Pressure is applied to an individual’s extended arm, and if their body is being adversely affected (by something like stress or trauma) the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. When stress and/or trauma is neutralized, the muscles remain strong and will easily resist the physical pressure that is applied when using the therapy. NET uses acupressure, to help release the stress and trauma from the body.

The power of NET is being able to use your own body as a mechanism to support and help guide your treatment. Compare this to traditional top-down approaches in cognitive therapy. It can be very powerful to see the tangible change in muscle strength (congruence with feeling better) as you go.

Outcomes of NET therapy look like a reduction in the symptoms related to trauma and stress, and empowerment in your day to day life.

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