EMDR Intensives

EMDR Intensives

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. EMDR is a set of standardized protocols that incorporates elements from different treatment approaches.The intensive is a unique way to approach EMDR therapy. With an extended session, much more material can be processed and healed quicker than is possible in traditional weekly therapy.

An Intensive looks like 4 – 6 hour sessions for 1 – 5 consecutive days. Rather than dealing with things on a weekly basis for months or even years, you can work through many issues intensively and fast track the healing and relief you seek as you look to move forward with your life.

Please keep in mind it is called an intensive for a reason. The work can certainly be INTENSE, but so is the healing! Intensives are not for everyone and thorough assessment of a potential client’s readiness for intensive work is provided in the free 30 minute consultation session over the telephone. If you are interested in exploring the idea of an Intensive, please contact me to schedule a consultation session and I will help you decide if an Intensive is right for you. In some cases, Intensives can be utilized to work on very specific parts of a client’s history (i.e. preverbal trauma) and after the Intensive the client returns to the care of their weekly therapist. If you currently have a therapist, please feel free to discuss this option with them and I am happy to discuss collaborative work.


  • Process more information in a shorter period of time. Find real and life changing healing in a matter of days, rather than months or years.
  • Cost effective. Intensives are concentrated and highly focused therapy sessions. The work is much more efficient and in the end requires less session time and less cost overall.
  • No more weekly appointments. Instead of scheduling your life around a weekly therapy appointment, start living the healthy life you desire. An intensive can be that emotional resent you’ve been looking for.
  • No waiting. Contact me for a free consultation session ASAP, rather than sitting on someone’s wait list.You don’t have to live in Austin or even Texas. My practice is located North of Austin in Cedar Park, TX, but that doesn’t mean to have to be. Clients can travel from anywhere in the world to Cedar Park to spend a few days with me in an intensive, then return home to their daily lives. If you will be traveling here for an intensive, I can provide you with more detailed information regarding hotels, transportation, airport, etc. in Austin, TX.


How much do intensives cost?

  • Full-day intensives = $1200 per day (6 hours of therapy per day)
  • A 50% deposit will be required to confirm your appointment
  • The remaining 50% will be paid on the first day of the EMDR intensive.

How long do intensives take?

  • Full-day intensives take between 1-5 days. Typically, sessions will begin around 10:00AM and last until about 5:00PM, with several breaks in between. Intensives are individualized for each client’s needs.

How do I schedule an intensive?

  • Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. These calls are NOT therapy, but an exploration to see if an intensive is a good fit.

How do I prepare?

  • Treat the days surrounding the intensive like a personal retreat. This is a time for clients to really focus on healing themselves. Schedule activities you enjoy around your sessions (massage, yoga, hike, etc.).

Where do intensives take place?

  • All intensives are conducted in a therapy office in Cedar Park, TX.

How soon can I schedule an appointment?

  • Appointments are scheduled several months in advance, unless there is a cancellation.

Contact me today for a free phone consultation to see if EMDR might help you release what no longer serves you.